Faking It

Lots of things can be accomplished by faking it until you really understand what you are doing. 

Reading, math (sometimes), traveling in another country if you dress in a certain way (like the locals)…watching and mimicking them in every way that you can. 

Acting – showing off a skill that many don’t have, but is very fun to try to do. Just pretend like you know exactly what you are doing. It will get better as you go.

The concept isn’t new, but admittedly I’ve never seen it referred to in a cellular manual. This manual has it listed in the table of contents “Faking a Call”. 

A useful setting and explained quite clearly. Perhaps you have the need to leave a meeting or end a boring conversation. No kidding.

My parents bought a global phone and we were trying to figure out how to use it – the tiniest phone we’ve ever seen – and there it is. Plain as day. Faking it by just hitting a secret key – once if unlocked, four times if locked. If only French or local dialects in Ireland were that easy, I’d buy that device in a heartbeat.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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