En Suite

Traveling in another country, with more than half a dozen people for over a week. Just setting my frame of reference for this post – which will be delayed due to a lack of Internet where we are tonight- off the grid, in a B&B we’ve rented. Entirely. We rented every room. Most of which, are fortunately en suite.

My husband and I, we’ve stayed in B&Bs before and most have been selected only when the bedroom offered had a private bath to ourselves.

It never occurred to me to think (or to warn the kids) that they may have to share – down the hall – with someone else. Or that they’d have to be quick in the shower…let’s not waste the day or make everyone wait.

Keep in mind, they live with 7 in our house normally and no one, in fact, has their own little wing, nor are their rooms en suite. (We do have just one of the rooms in our 130+ year old house set up that way, but it wasn’t built as such; then again, indoor plumbing wasn’t part of the architecture of colonial America in the late 1800s…luckily it is here.) If completely rustic, ancient, aka lack of running water, is what we’d offered them; I’d be testing their limits at the end of our journey. Good thing for them, their mom and dad like the ability to turn a knob that dispenses hot or cold water upon demand, for which I’d happily share, down the hall, with our other B&B guests.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS isn’t this a clever little option? Clear, in any language of course.


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