Fair Exchange

What do you think is a fair exchange?

  • trading something of equal value
  • doing something for which you are paid what you both believe it is worth
  • paying $20 for something that has an MSRP of $20
  • a one-for-one swap, aka same item, different size

As you would think, and I do believe, retailers can change their own valuation:

  • less inventory + more demand = higher price
  • more inventory + less demand = lower price

Simple, right? It’s the law of supply and demand.

  • What about same inventory + same demand = same price?

I think that I am being reasonable that if someone wants to bring back an item, to get a different size – smaller/larger or regular/tall – and there is adequate inventory of all items, that would be a fair exchange.  Even if (even if) you bought it on sale, you should be able to get the replacement item for the same price; not to be refunded what you paid for it last week…and then be charged the current price for the properly sized item. Luckily, they are too long, and not too short, or I’d resort to buying a fun pair of socks, instead.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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