Experience Varies

Companies, and owners of companies, who want to grow should have a team of people working with them whose experience varies.

In no particular order, okay, maybe my least favorite can go first…finance, design, R&D – or maybe you call it engineering – sales, marketing, and operations. They all matter, plus a few more that you* could list, getting down into the nitty gritty of detail in your particular field as it pertains to the company’s needs, size and planned growth.

  • I know you’re out there – I have read all about you and I think you’re great. I want you to do even more. Leveraging what you have learned and what you can bring to the future.

Most single practitioners or solo-preneurs, can’t do it all on their own – that is why they hire consultants to help them. If they want to grow to be able to hire more people to develop sales or fulfill the sales they have been able to acquire, they might want to add some expertise to their team.

Sure, you will no longer be alone – but that doesn’t mean you won’t still own the company.

Think about it. If your source of experience varies, from education to instructional and on the job training, then do your personal opinions help – or hinder – you and your company performing at your best? If you think you can do it all, but are missing out on opportunities because you insist on doing your own bookkeeping, or marketing – or even, let’s say, blogging – then I suggest you talk to someone who can help.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Get ready to write. If that scares you...or you don't have time - ask for help.

Get ready to write. If that scares you…or you don’t have time – ask for help.

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