Embrace the Change

It is not easy to do and even though I used to tease my parents to embrace the change – sometimes you have to take your own advice – especially when you are reminded by someone else. 

It is easy to stay focused on your life and your background, keeping your eyes closed (or at least averted) to what is happening around you. Children age, going from needing you every moment of their lives – for food, support and their minute-by-minute well being. 

As they become more independent, they can prepare their own meals – even if it is just a peanut butter and jam sandwich – or a few bowls of cereal. 

Then, they don’t need you at all – well, except to pay for the food and to help them get a loan to go to college. 

Or, to take them on vacation to Florida. 

So here we are, getting to the point of transitioning and needing to let go – I am not saying that it is impossible – just different. 

Yesterday we had a wonderful outing and gathering with a local parish in Florida who hosted our choir troupe. The sermon was essentially summed up by “well, back in my day”… and then some well thought out, researched analogies about AT&T and Kodak.  

Today, at every turn we are reminded that Disney owns Star Wars now. It is not a bad thing, it is just different. Main Stream. 

Maybe it always was, and we just thought we were geeks who loved Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia – and not necessaryly in that order – unless you were a boy. 

Every bit of our family, our work, our lives, the companies who serve us as customers and the places we go for vacation continue to change around us and they at the very least should encourage you , nay, inspire you, to embrace the change that you must make in life.  

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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