Just Smile

They say you can be happy if you just smile

It is true. 

Plus; when you are on vacation, you should be happy. 

Even if…

  • it rains.
  • the kids bicker.
  • it is hot. 
  • the lines are long. 
  • the wine is unusually expensive.
  • the biscuits are not as amazingly delicious as they were the last time you were (at Emeril’s.)
  • there is no group consensus.
  • the nanny asks you a tough question. 
  • your make-up runs. 
  • your hair frizzes.
  • your reseveration doesn’t mean you don’t get a little buzzer and a 15 minute (to 45 minute) wait. 
  • the video cut off too soon.
  • the phone dies and the emergency charger runs out of juice. 
  • your UBER leaves without you (or is too small for the group.)
  • you buy things that you don’t really need and then you have to carry them.
  • you are buying more than you have room for in your carry-on. 
  • the home/hotel delivery of groceries went badly and you had to argue several times to get your refund.
  • the hotel won’t give you a late check out (even though you checked in really, really, really…) late.

It only takes one person to remind you to just smile and all of a sudden, you realize that they are right and you should. Oh, and then, you are happy. Especially when you are looking back on the day through pictures (digital and in your mind) and they are perfect to remind you of the fun you did have.
~ Dawn aka Hat Girl  

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