Don’t Panic

If ever I heard a misinterpretation of the phrase “don’t panic” it’s now.

Yet. People are.

The cover of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” certainly claimed the same thing, even though that story line had more reason to induce fear and anxiety.

I have to trust that now is absolutely when we must keep a level head, use our best judgement, wash our hands (like we’ve always been told) and prepare…to get close and comfy with our loved ones.

Even though mine go back to school tomorrow – having had a very relaxing, video game-filled day (with a little work thrown in for good measure) – I don’t know for sure if they won’t be back home again anytime soon.

Besides of course the pending spring break we are supposed to enjoy together.

So, let’s keep moving forward. Be ready for anything but certainly don’t panic. Oh, yes, and wash your hands (again) if you still have soap. Hoping you can relax and take this all in stride. It will be springtime soon and we can all go on vacation. Right?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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