One Day Does Not A Week Make

I am not a fortune teller, and one day does not a week make (or two, even), but my kids’ school just closed for tomorrow.

While this COVID-19 virus is no laughing matter, one day is seemingly laughable.

It isn’t enough to do anything other than allow one more day to catch up from Daylight Savings Time. What would have been better, as my mom pointed out, it would have been nice to have off Monday, making it a three day weekend ideal for allowing for the body to catch up with the mind.

Still, my kids won’t complain. They already did their homework, and if no one assigns anything else to do, they are free and clear for a teen holiday. (Did you say video game challenge?)

Hopefully, this is all that it is.

But, really? Just one day? Does not a week make sense, or wasn’t it actually two? All I ask is they keep us in the loop – and on the internet – or, I will have to send them outside for spring clean up. In fact…that might be the best idea yet.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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