They All Come Tumbling Down

One school after another and they all come tumbling down.

It just takes a few leaders. Harvard. MIT. UPenn. And, then, the private and state colleges and local schools, follow suit.

They can’t risk what they don’t know. Just like the rest of us.

They all have online capacity. It won’t be the same. No practicals, no lab work, no group think. Study with your friends online…do the work as best you can. Do what you think is best.

The professors will use their best judgement in this time, too.

So. In the end, do they call come tumbling down? Maybe…at least, temporarily. Just so they can plan, take a step back and reopen as soon as the “all clear” is issued. That is what we wait for now. Hopefully sooner, than later and allow all who worked so hard for the last few years to celebrate their accomplishments. All together. In May. (We shall see. Fingers crossed.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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