Don’t Fall For That

It is easy to say “don’t fall for that“…

  • ad in a travel guide aimed at tourists who don’t know the area.
  • Yelp! rating system.
  • request for your expertise by a cold connection on LinkedIn.
  • scam phone call.
  • direct mail campaign asking for money for the fire or police associations.
  • same old routine of negative energy.
  • skateboard trick that looked so easy done over and over again with precision.

But, we do fall for it.

  • Because we don’t know the area and the hotel shared the magazine with us (and there is a 15% off coupon.)
  • Because it is (often) pay to play.
  • Because they don’t know you; really.
  • Because they are good at sounding real.
  • Because we want to help those who help others, and it looks legit – plus, they only asked for $15, $25 or $50.
  • Because we want to help people, but we can’t always take on negativity.
  • Because we want to believe we could do that if we tried.

It is just that even as we say to ourselves, “don’t fall for that” we do. Because we are human.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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