Falling Back

There are times when we are falling back

  • in time.

Daylight Savings is coming soon-ish, even if we are not looking forward to darkness even earlier than it has been lately.

  • in line.

In terms of the expectations of others, it might take a while, but the rebel in you has settled into a routine and balance that is both accepted – and admired.

  • in love.

The best thing ever…for those who have been there and done that, it is a marvelous thing. If you have the opportunity to get back with your Ex and it is better than ever, then never let them go.

We are always either moving forward or falling back – it is just a matter of perspective. We all can impact what we believe, think and trust. No time is better than the fall season giving you time for reflection, review and revision – there are only a few months left this year.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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