Done Using Technology

Every day I am impressed at how much can be done using technology; some days, not so much. Most often though, I think, “wow! That was pretty cool.”

  • Bill paying.
  • Voice to text.
  • E-mail (both good and bad, obviously).
  • Communicating with family halfway across the world, for free, instantaneously – with video.
  • Or, like, the way the GPS can tell how fast you are going, knowing the speed limit of the road you’re on and that it starts flashing to tell you you might, maybe, just want to slow down.
  • How about the way the website you shop frequently remembers that you (or someone you buy gifts for regularly) like the color blue, and then proceeds to highlight those items for you.
  • Helpful things that tell you to charge them or they will no longer work.
  • Snarky Siri who makes comments on your voiced requests.

Overall, I am not sure how you can live in today’s world with out it. At least not if you live “on the grid” in the United States.

Yet, the other day, I overheard someone say that she was done using technology. I can’t help but think that she just isn’t using it correctly. I mean, I understand that sometimes it doesn’t help. Sometimes you just want to scratch your head and say “huh?” (Like today when I tried to quick order my nook book and it told me I hadn’t set my “shipping preferences” for quick ordering yet…)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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