Does the Day Matter?

When we are fortunate enough to have holidays that break up the week, the ensuing days off affect the “normal” activities in many of our lives. So – while today is indeed Friday, does the day matter when you’ve had so many “Saturdays” to enjoy in a short period of time.

Holiday schedules aside – if you didn’t live a Monday to Friday work day and you could work whenever you wanted – or had to work when you could… would it matter that today is Friday?

You can enjoy TGIF any day you want – you just have to invite someone to join you. Most of us would “enjoy” a Friday night out, any day of the week…but for some, they have to take their Friday’s when they come: Police, firefighters, hairdressers, restauranteurs, massage therapists, ER and NICU nurses, wait staff, doctors and farmers…. So many people work on shift when they have to in order to cover the business – operating 24/7, every day of the week or even just a shifted five day work week like Tuesday to Saturday.

These folks live a different perspective than the “9-5er” corporate America job. When did that become the norm and why should it be?

I will leave education and schedules off of this topic for now, but will come back to that industry again…

Do what you can to do your work when it is suitable to you, your employees, or your customers and enjoy TGIF when you want. There is no reason you can’t relax and decompress on any day of the week.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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