Do You Ever Get That Hurtling Feeling?

A serious question…even if it doesn’t sound that way, but seriously. “Do you ever get that hurtling feeling?”

Someone else is in control.

You can’t make them slow down, or make them take the turns without tilting the car, ever so slightly in the wrong direction.

It’s the roller coaster.

Maybe the lack of control of schedules. Their plans. Your time.

It is sometimes the reality of life with kids, or maybe just the Uber driver trying to get you there ahead of schedule. 

When you’re in the driver seat, are you the one taking risks, taking a chance, making up for lost time…do you ever get that hurtling feeling like you’ve just been given free reign to be who you really want to be? If not, make a plan to go to Disney, see what they’re doing. Be reminded. You can really be inspired – or annoyed – but focus on the inspiration. It’s why they do it. They do it because they can; they chose to take a chance.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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