Yup, Been There

It is so easy to connect with others – even those you’ve never met (or just met once before) – if you can find common ground. Disney – pretty easy these days to get someone else to say, “yup, been there” – just last month, last year, last week, or, when my kids were 4 and 10.

Similar ages, as adults – or similar ages of children as parents – or just going there as a kid.

Remember when:

  • They got scared of the ride?
  • Their first time seeing their favorite character?
  • Going on Space Mountain (or insert fast roller coaster/spinning ride here)?
  • You had to use tickets to go?
  • They stamped you with invisible ink to return to the park?
  • You went 0-70 mph in less than 3 seconds?
  • You stepped through the ride and refused to go on it?
  • You didn’t have a Fast Pass?
  • The ride sank?
  • You’re dad forced you to go on It’s a Small World?

It’s a holiday weekend, large gatherings can happen. In the spirit of keeping it light, friendly and upbeat, Disney, or any vacation destination for that matter,  is a very good topic.

Now, I know, not everyone can say “yup, been there”...but it certainly is the perfect et neutral topic to share in a large group setting. Not polarizing, not controversial, not full of opinions. Easy to laugh, be human, be familiar and spend a nice evening enjoying the company of those around you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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