One More Thing

Can I share one more thing with you? 

Good. There should always be time for more. 

  • More fun. 
  • More food. 
  • More family. 
  • More holidays. 
  • More vacation. 
  • More souveniers. 
  • More leg room. 
  • More time to get through security, but more flowing of the traffic through the line. 
  • More battery charge on your phone.
  • More pictures taken…with smiling and grumpy faces – just to remember the spectrum of emotions. 
  • More hugs. 
  • More story sharing. 
  • More postcards sent…as many as you can receive, too. 
  • More thoughtfulness. 
  • More patience. 
  • More snacks and breaks. 
  • More time. 
  • More time together. 

If we could have one more thing, I think it would be more of the moments you value and hold dear.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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