Such Problems

If only we had such problems as Jared Leto who you may know played The Joker in the DC Comic’s Summer Blockbuster Suicide Squad.

**Spoiler Alert – if you didn’t see the movie yet and still want to see it, stop reading now or don’t blame me for sharing too much! **

The changes that were made to the film in the editing room cut out many of his scenes and he is apparently unhappy that he was even in the movie after the final movie was released. From what I have heard, the movie trailer that premiered at Comic-Con showed a fun, witty-banter filled and light-hearted story instead of the dark tale that Jared’s Joker thought it would be.

No doubt his scenes in the movie were dark and scary…more scary then my eleven year old who was dying to see the movie would have been able to handle.  Plus, according to Will Smith, Leto was “in character” the entire time on the set. So much so that Smith – whose portrayal of the uncomfortable and embarrassed dad as the damn good hired gun – says he doesn’t really even think he met the Oscar winner because he was always in character. (That’s been said before, but at least he is presenting a consistent image to his fellow actors.)

So after the movie was re-cut (3 times) the studio release was not an R-Rated, violent, uber disturbing and dark depiction of the comic series. Instead it has a feel-good vibe about the “bad” people being good at heart and just wanting to be happy and loved while they save the world from some crazy witch.

All in all so far this summer, the movie has so far grossed four-times what is cost to make, so I don’t think that anyone in the film should be complaining. Ha! They should have such problems as a successful movie…  However, I am certain that is not the issue. What I am guessing probably bothers Mr. Leto most is that the doctor in the film – one of the “good-guys” – is the scariest one of all.  Dr. Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis (whom we loved in The Help and so many other fabulous movies and television series) is the one with the “dark side”. Yes. She is what keeps me up at night and lucky for me, the psychology of others does not yet give my daughter nightmares.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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