Did We Already Share This

Sometimes in life, I get this sense of deja vu and I think, “did we already share this moment together?”

In our lives, we tend to have things that do happen to us over and over and over again.

  • We get our hair cut.
  • We make dinner.
  • We go to work.
  • We pay our bills.
  • We watch annual events like parades in town and holidays we share with family.
  • We have friends over for the weekend.
  • We go to plays, concerts and performances.
  • We take out the trash.
  • We clean the house, rake the leaves, cut the lawn, pick up after the kids (or our parents.)
  • We meet up with old friends for a drink.
  • We take pictures.
  • We check e-mail.
  • We have parent teacher conferences.
  • We go shopping for groceries.
  • We ask: have you done your homework? Brushed your teeth? Emptied your lunchbox? Made your lunch? Brushed your hair? Taken a shower…?
  • We flip the calendar.

One day, one week, one month and yet another year.

We do things repetitively.

I blog, I write, I share.

I wonder, regularly. Have I already written about this? Am I the only one who thinks this? Did we already share this thought and I am just taking the time to write it down? Just wondering.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS In case you didn’t know it. Mother’s Day is Sunday. Call mom. Say hi. Even if you do it all the time already. Say I love you.


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