Dead Presidents Deserve Recognition

Oh, a day off… of course, we are a-okay with it. The dead presidents deserve recognition and respect…as do the live ones.

Have you ever seen a person who needs a day off more than anyone else than a president?

Take every bit of stress that you have…

  • No money. (Can we say deficit?)
  • No respect. (At least not from everyone.)
  • Lots of hate for anything you do – just because of an animal (I mean a political party) that you chose to represent. (Even though once elected have to represent all Americans equally. I can’t even get 3 kids to want to eat the same thing for one single dinner!)
  • Being woken up in the middle of the night by something that you didn’t do. (Something far worse than your kids being sick to their stomach…Excuse me sir…but you are needed in the situation room, we seem to have a, well, um, a situation.)
  • Traveling at all hours, to a place you might never have wanted to go (believe me there are towns I wish I’d never visited and seen things I can’t believe exist here in the U.S.)

My guess is that the current president never gets the day off on President’s Day. He (or she as the case may someday be) has to wait until they are retired and hopping the pro-tour, the book promotion circuit or the speaking engagements that are sure to be booked up for them far in advance of their “retirement” – just maybe not on the 3rd Monday in February…

Sure, the dead presidents deserve recognition, but what have they done for us lately? I am no political fan. I don’t pretend to be an expert in matters of public policy. As much as we may like or dislike what we do, or even both like and dislike it at the same time… no one more so than a sitting president. Be careful what you wish you had Ms. Clinton, Mr. Trump, or Mr. What’s-his-Name? You may just get to work on a holiday for the next 4 years…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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