First Major Crisis

The true merit and success or failure of a new business is how they handle their first major crisis.

We (my husband, our former fellow franchise owners and I) know all about the ways that weather can impact your fresh food delivery based business.

Winter is by far worse than hot, steamy summer swelters.

Snow and ice affects everyone and every business in it’s own way: employees call out, are late getting in – whether due to the commute or their kids having late school openings – productivity goes way down.

Having delivery drivers on the road in icy conditions, dealing with lack of parking and having to worry about the fruit / gift / groceries freeze is a whole ‘nother aspect.

Yesterday the sub-freezing temps kept us indoors, working or resting as the case may have been for our home-for-the-holiday kiddos and our fresh home delivery box never came. We dealt with it in our own way, making dinner from the pantry, not ideal; but soup on a winter day usually hits the spot.

Today, however, it didn’t arrive either…

So we went out to dinner – a nice treat for the last day off of a 4-day weekend – right?

Until, we arrived home, and the “fresh” box was on our door step. It wasn’t there at 6PM when we left for dinner and I certainly don’t know what I am going to do with it now. The week is well under way and Monday’s dinner on Wednesday isn’t in the plan.

So. We will have to see how they deal with this. It won’t be pretty I can assure you. Of course, I will be polite, but firm. This is far too late and we are not satisfied. Two-day old salmon, less than cold enough, is unacceptable.

I am not sure how many times this has happened to them – if ever, but it seems wide-spread. Calls not answered, delays in e-mail response. This is not like them. I know they are marketing EVERYWHERE and paying a pretty penny to get attention.

The problem is, if you grow too fast, you are likely to crash and people are not always patient even if it is your first major crisis. I hope they can recover gracefully, because it really is a good idea and the food is far better than the family-friendly, but with a bar, chain we dined in tonight.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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