Common Ground

We spent a lot of time with close friends this weekend, people we have known for years and with whom we share a common ground

  • Similar education.
  • Similar socio economic status.
  • Similar life styles.

We grew up in various types of households, with different financial backgrounds, upbringing, parenting styles and geography…so we’re not originally homogenous, and in someways – politically, religiously and even in our educational beliefs for our children – we are still quite different.

Yet. It is easy to relax and to talk about what is going on in our lives, in the lives of our children – parenting our teens – and what is going on in this country today. 

In many, many ways we share a common ground, mostly out of respect for their beliefs and their positions with our various perspectives – we can come together and discuss, not debate, and learn from one another with out judging. For this, I am truly grateful and I hope that everyone has this opportunity and respect in their lives. Through this path, I believe, we have hope.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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