I Take It Back

Is it too late, can I take it back? Or must I stand by my word?

It is difficult to make decisions that last forever. Of course, I am recanting (somewhat) my awe and admiration at the creators of Pokemon GO since my daughter is now giving me a hard time that I threw away – Yes! I threw away her Pokemon cards.

Like 8 years ago.

Seriously. I can change my mind, right?

Of course I can. (Even if I wasn’t a woman, I can exert my prerogative and free will to change my mind!)

I take it back, Pokemon GO is still kinda cool, but if my kids start to bring back and hash up old memories of why they think you ruined their childhood, then it isn’t the “Be all, end all” of modern day, kid entertainment. It is just ok – and hey! It’s not like I threw away your baseball card collection that would be worth $100, or maybe even $1,000 – but certainly not enough to buy a business. So, get over it and go outside and chase them down.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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