Come Back Again Soon

Isn’t it such a nice thing to know that you can come back again soon?

I know it is a little cliched in the retail and restaurant industries, but it is still a good sentiment.

There were customers, well, at least one customer who comes to mind, who was not welcome to come back.

We had done her a favor, on a holiday no less, and didn’t charge her. I could have, but it was a gesture of good will and good business for a neighboring owner’s celebration – a surprise celebration for the owner – we were happy to contribute to the event.

Unfortunately, she was rude. She was even worse to my manager. So, I told her, precisely that she was not to come back. She was indignant…I didn’t care. She wasn’t welcome any longer…but, anyone else from her work place was welcome.

We still sent the basket with our congratulations and best wishes.

Since then, I have felt somewhat vindicated when other business owners have told me their philosophy – that the customer is not always right and when they are not – they will not get their way.

Everyone else, of course – we can tell, “come back again soon” – just as it should be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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