Resistance Is Futile

I promised myself that I would NOT buy any new back to school supplies this year.  I had very legitimate cause for feeling confident in my promise to myself. What have I found?  Resistance is futile.

My plan was that I wasn’t going to buy anything new until we empty out our closet with all of the current and former supplies available:

  • Single subject and composition notebooks – at least ten or more;
  • 3-1/2 dozen pens: blue, black and red (not to mention quite a few that read a brand name of a company we no longer own and a brand that no longer exists);
  • A gross of #2 pencils;
  • 30 count box of purple, dries invisible glue sticks;
  • (2) 3-packs of expandable to even the largest textbook, cloth book covers (turns out, if you don’t destroy them each year, they can be removed, washed and re-used – again and again);
  • Mini-notebooks – the kind that are too small for most adults to use – especially me but perfect for kids with tiny hands, and neat, tiny handwriting…if only he had liked to write when he was small we wouldn’t have so many left over;
  • Paper, 3-prong folders in a wide variety of colors;
  • Plastic coated 2-pocket folders in a few of the less desirable colors;
  • (5) 3-ring binders with and without pockets, in a variety of the desirable colors – the only colors we do buy of these are the ones we like; and,
  • College ruled 3-hole punched paper… wait a minute!

Ugh. I knew it. We are out of something that we will need, in fact, for the first day of school. Today was one daughter’s first day and she took the last package of college ruled 3-hole punched paper – as a college student, we figured she needed that more than the others.

However, now that I have to go to the store to buy that, there is a very good chance that something will call to me…

Buy me.

I am so adorable. I even write upside down. I am made of completely recycled water bottles. I am a Sharpie marker!

Something, probably more than a few things will appeal to me. I must try but I fear that resistance is futile and I will have a full bag of stuff at the end of the day tomorrow that will take us another 4 to 5 years to consume.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Honestly, this image isn’t helping one little bit. It is reminding me how fun drafting supplies are to buy!

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