Can You Tell

in terms of subtle, minimal (mostly immeasurable) changes…how can you tell that something is different?

Your house settling, slight cracks in the plaster (um, drywall), caulk separating and nail heads popping.

Dust accumulating until you can’t believe how much is on that lampshade or the shelf you use all the time.

Hair growing, until all of a sudden it is in your eyes and you can’t believe you still have a week or more until your next appointment.

Light bulbs dimming as they age… does that actually happen, or do they just pop, burn out?

Socks wearing out – one day they just have a hole – perhaps the washing machine did it.

Teenagers needing more and more (and more) sleep.

Your teeth moving with the assistance of dental work, like braces or a new filling maybe.

The signs of spring – the days getting lighter (seems like it just happens all of a sudden) and sprouts poking through the frozen ground.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe others can distinguish these things as they happen, minute by minute and day by day. How about you? Can you tell the moment something shifts? Or, does it take time – focus – and energy to notice things that just sort of occur without any intervention by humans at all?

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