But, Wait There’s…

This summer, my little sister got me to (finally) download Snapchat. I know. I know. I resisted Facebook and then, Instagram…and then well – pretty much all the new stuff. I am not an early adopter. It is just that I only have so much time in life to do what I do and well, these things take time. Also, I (always) have to wonder if there is benefit, besides friends snapping pictures with crazy filters and sharing them all day long. Of course, there is that but, wait there’s so much more.

  • There are stories.
  • There are groups.
  • There are current events.
  • There is news!

News on Snapchat? I learned – not from the “News” with a capital N, not from the paper, not from Google, not from Facebook, not from word-of-mouth…but, wait there’s a new country declaring it’s independence from Spain today/yesterday (with the time zone) and I learned about it (a week ago) and again today…on Snapchat.  So there is more to Snapchat than just fun and games. There are more than just ads and promotions and ways to integrate Pennywise into our already frightened-as-all-get-out lives from the movie. I am not sure that I will turn to Snapchat to learn more about Catalonia and it’s bid for independence, or the many, many countries who are not recognizing it; however, at least I know it is an option.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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