Caffeinated Sisters

I have plenty of caffeinated sisters, besides my siblings…but they’re my favorite.

We all do it. We have our favorite. It just is a part of our lives; caused by with early mornings, late nights stay up kids from homework to nightmares and trying to get everything done. Then, those boring – in the middle of the afternoon – meetings that make you yawn.

Get us more.

  • Coffee.
  • Iced tea.
  • Diet Coke.
  • Pepsi.
  • Red Bull.

A brisk walk could do it, but we are not all able to take the liberty, the time or can even just leave work to go and get the blood pumping, the adrenaline flowing again.

When we have time, so rarely, we linger. Whether it is weekend mornings, or mid-afternoons on a Sunday. We stay as long as we can.

We all need just a little more fuel than we would like to admit.

Most weekdays, we just know that someone out there also needs a pick-me-up. So, we call our under-caffeinated sisters as we drive to work, home from school drop offs and back home at the end of meetings and we get them home so they can maybe, just maybe head to bed sooner, to relax, decompress and chill…hoping that last sip wasn’t too recent. Hoping that it isn’t one of those days when we are stuck, staring at the ceiling, in the dark, thinking of more things we can do in our day, tomorrow. When the cycle starts all over again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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