Beware of…

Beware of geeks bearing food said no one ever.

Yesterday, my mom offered to come to our house for the holiday, with filet, NY style bread and homemade wine and this is how it went…

Is it ok if geeks brought wine, filet and potatoes to grill at your house for Father’s Day?

To which I answered, “of course” completely assuming that auto correct had hacked her phone. The text prior had been “Why nuclear?” instead meaning NYC…where I spent two long days earlier this week.

I am still not sure why she would call my dad and her own self geeks – certainly she raised a few, but I can’t pick on my siblings when they can’t defend themselves…JUST KIDDING!!

I really am kidding. I can’t pick on them. Family is the best part of my life. Above all. We are truly lucky in that respect…if only all of my siblings could have been here today, but alas we are all over the compass today with one each in the north, west, east and south – some on vacation and some with their families at home too far to make the drive to our house for a one day visit.

Of course, the food makes it better…since we have something fun to do while we all spend time together.

Perhaps, however, my mom should instead have said, “beware of homemade wine…” because they have no idea of the ABV but it is pretty far north on that scale. So off to an early evening and back to work tomorrow. Refreshed, relaxed and recharged. Happy to have been able to share the day with more than a few awesome dads.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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