Back It Up

It is the first day of Summer. (I know, I know that summer is not capitalized, but it should be…for all the fun we will have this season!) I am just sending out a short, PSA on a good idea to be prepared to enjoy the entire season with the least amount of stress. Back it up – your computer, your phone and your car – into the parking space.

Just yesterday, we had a water accident with a smart phone. It wasn’t backed up although it was mistakenly plugged into my computer where if the iTunes auto-sync feature had been enabled, it would have been – except to the wrong person’s laptop and operating system.

If you have your computer backed up, to a local hard drive and/or to a cloud system, then you can stay connected while away. Use your laptop to find great restaurants and spend some time setting up your new computer (toy) in a stress free, pre-dawn, kids still sleeping, quiet beach house environment.  In the office, you rarely have time to do this kind of thing.  (Just don’t tell your spouse I was the one to mention this, you should enjoy your holiday. Don’t work…relax…close the laptop!)

Of course…not just for summer-time, but year round, you should back it up into a parking space so that you can easily drive away when you are ready. Chances are (and experts suggest) that neither a car or pedestrian will be in the spot when you back into it. Far more likely that someone will be in a hurry and not see you backing out of a space.  There you go. Now you can enjoy the next few months – that is if you don’t work from home and your kids aren’t already telling you they are bored and want to go to the pool.  Or, maybe I need to take some time off, too. Just not this week…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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