Low Tech Wins

For Father’s Day, my husband found and bought himself a simple, low tech gift, and in this case, low tech wins. He and all the kids are quite impressed with a cardboard box.

It’s not just a cardboard box. It had instructions on how to fold it to make it into something quite cool.

Now, before you all go crazy and get on my case about him buying himself a gift – I had already bought something for him. A few somethings that I am 100% certain he will also love, but Father’s Day hasn’t gotten here yet.

So. Shush.

Meanwhile, I am not 100% sure that the gifts I have waiting for him in the morning will be loved more than the $15 pair of Google Cardboard virtual reality lenses that came in the mail on Wednesday.

So I guess, sometimes, low tech wins over high tech, not to say that this isn’t complicated at it’s source; so maybe it’s really that low cost wins over… well, lets just say I spent more than $15…tomorrow will tell.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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