Here and There

The differences in life between here and there – where “there” is wherever you travel for business without the family – are great (as in divergent.) 

Besides the great distances, the hours, the time zone changes, it’s the lifestyle.

  • Staying out late.
  • Drinking on a Sunday and a Monday night.
  • Sleeping in the middle of the bed.
  • Taking longer showers, in spite of annoying overspray in weird directions.
  • Watching Good Morning America, or live television at all for that matter.
  • Waking up multiple times throughout the night due to the unfamiliar room, bed and the jet lag.
  • Someone else cooking the infrequent, off-schedule meals followed by someone else cleaning up, washing dishes and emptying the trash.

Meanwhile, back home, things are not normal either. In the absence of one parent, the kids step up and help, which is nice but here and there subtle changes that just let you know that it matters when you’ve arrived back. Extra long hugs, sincere drawn out yells of “Mommee!” and “thank you” for the souvenirs brought back.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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