Better than Boring

When AI is creating content that is better than boring …like some of the content humans write, we might have a problem.

Of all the content that is out there, a lot can fall in to the “okay” variety.

This is potentially un-interesting, but definitely written by a human…

One that is subject to speeches (lately) that are all rinse and repeat.

In 30 seconds, maybe less, my handy phone, a clever app, and a voice-to-text prompt, created a 1 minute speech. What’s worse is that, on it’s own, it was okay. Yet, with some tweaking, the addition of a few personal insights and some simple vocabulary edits, it would have been good.

As we roll into the tail end of Graduation season…let’s all hope that the speeches are, at least this year while we have some fun with these new tools, much better than boring. I don’t know what will come later, but for now, we have options and we should at least try something new.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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