Because of Family

People do all sorts of things because of family…some crazy, some sacrificing, and others that are difficult to decide because you don’t know the right thing to do.

  • They get married.
  • They change jobs.
  • They have kids.
  • They take a day off.
  • They get realize that getting divorced is the better choice while others make it work and stick together.
  • They do not attend after work activities.
  • They skip vacation to pay for…braces, tuition, clothes, food and diapers.
  • They miss hang outs with their friends.
  • They become friends with the other kids parents.
  • They drive long distances late at night or early in the morning sometimes.
  • They set a good example.
  • They eat their vegetables.
  • They exercise.
  • They stay home on Friday night to be there when the kids go out.

Tonight was our monthly book club gathering, and I mean “our” in the sense that it is mine and my friends – many of whom I literally met through the group. This group got me reading again over 7 years ago – something I used to always do but had stopped doing – because I was too tired, too busy or working. Not to say that any of those things have changed, but I made the time because it made me happier; which, in the long run, is usually a good thing. It is a good thing for you and for everyone around you.

Tonight, nearly half of our group missed the event at my house, because of family – for one reason or another – sick kids, watching their grandchildren because of sick kids, husband’s traveling, work to catch up on because of previously mentioned sickness or travel. We understand. We know that we have our reasons. We have our beliefs. We have our focus – and family is pretty similarly at the center. Everyone’s decision to do – what they do – is the right thing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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