Talk and Really Communicate

It takes far more effort when we talk and really communicate with others, whether professionally or personally. What you mean, versus what you say, is the basis of success in this area.

Vocabulary, in casual conversation can be vague and light.

  • “How are you?”
    • “Great! I have been on fire lately.”
  • “What do we have to eat? I am starving.”
    • Really? If you were starving, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t care if we had milk for your cereal.”
  • “I have nothing to wear.”
    • “What is all of that ‘stuff’ in your closet, on the chair, hanging on the door?”

Obviously, colloquialism is part of it, but no one is ever (usually) burning up, even if the whether has just changed from 11 degrees to 68 degrees in a matter of 2 days. Being around people who speak English as a second language is the best way to test this theory. If they can’t understand what you are saying and are routinely shocked, sad, confused or angry, you are probably not doing your best to communicate.

  • “Remember that thing and the other thing, oh yea and that.”
    • “Huh?”
  • “Oh, you know…”
    • “No, I am not sure that I do.”

Even with the closest people in your world, you can say something and vaguely skip essential details, assuming that they know you have already had 2 other conversations about the same topic, just not with them.  It is best when you take the time to talk and really communicate. Think about what you really mean and then, well, just say that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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