Be Flexible. Show Up On Time.

Adjust, reschedule if needed. Be flexible. Show up on time. Whether it is you changing the schedule or someone else, or some thing else less predictable. Just make sure that you are ready when you agreed to be there.

In dance, you can stretch your self to do more…and be better.

In life, you can learn about things you don’t know and practice…to be better.

In nature, things out of your control, can happen…and not necessarily for the better.

Due to local storms in our area this week several things have been impacted.

  • Loss of power.
  • No Internet.
  • Cell phones running out of battery charge.
  • Traffic signals go out.

There can be a ripple effect. One thing pushing another and another and another until you reach the end of things that can be pushed.

All converging and causing you to be late.

Power has been out at our local high school theater and the drama program is delayed from their opening night.

But it’s fine.

We are invested in this show – more than just in the cost of a few tickets – we are committed to the kids and their hard work.

We will go to the show tomorrow night and again (and again,) and then we will see the final show with our tickets that were supposed to be for tonight.

We will…

Be flexible. Show up on time. We will not be upset, or complain, or make it all about us…because life isn’t just about you and we can always stretch ourselves…to be better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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