Am I supposed to like this?

Am I supposed to like this?

I am talking about Facebook and whether or not they should add a “not Like” button.

“I just saw a drunk driver hit a car, a curb, a fence before they went into a tree!”

No, I am not liking that one, sorry; I’m choosing Unlike

“I just broke my arm doing something I shouldn’t have been doing…I’m texting this left handed from the ER”  Unlike

“My great-aunt just found out she has cancer.” Unlike

“Have to get up at 4:00 AM to get to the airport, to go to Detroit for a client who hates me.” Unlike

What if these were all supposed to be liked… and could be liked if they were just rephrased?

“Wow, I am so lucky. I was following a drunk driver and all they did was hit a car, a curb, a fence before they went into a tree! No one was injured and the police are going to make sure that he gets into rehab.”

If it was phrased that way, then sure. I can hit that Like button all day long.

“Sheesh, someone must be looking out for me. I was on a ladder, wearing flip flops and I fell 2 stories onto my kid’s trampoline and then into the swimming pool and all I did was break my arm – and that’s because I lost a contact, tripped on the pool skimmer and landed on the planter near the edge of the hot tub!!” Like

“My great-aunt, who is 95 just found out she has cancer, but it is stage 2 and they think she will live 5 more years without needing Chemo or Radiation. The Oncologist has recommended that the rest of the family should get tested because they can do surgery to prevent any of us from getting it, too. In the meantime, she’s seeing an alternative medicine doctor who thinks they can extend her life expectation by another 10 years.” Like

“My husband and I are just getting back from a 3 week trip with the kids in Ireland, England, France and Italy. I am still on Euro time so it will be easy to get up at 4:00 AM to get to the airport to go to Detroit for a client who hates me because I’m charging them $50,000 to help them save $200,000 in their new operation in Charlotte where they will be able to hire 20 new employees and triple sales next year.” Like

Now, isn’t that better?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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