92014 not 41714

92014 not 41714 is not about zip codes, it is about dates.

Today is 9/20/14 not 4/17/14 – it’s September not April. Palindromes always get me so I wrote this blog post, a note to myself really, originally on 41714 because I thought it was cool that the entire week of dates were in fact palindromes. I saved this note for a rainy day.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and I have not been inspired to do much other than relax after soccer and breakfast out. So here you go…

It is 41714 and we have been in North Carolina for less than a week and yes, the food is awesomely delicious but I am adding one more reason I could not live in the south – BBQ. It would kill me. The beef brisket down here, it is to die for.

That’s all I wrote. Go visit the Outer Banks North Carolina, especially off season, right at the end of spring / early summer or late summer / early fall – the weather is amazing. No matter when you go,  the food is great year ’round. Maybe tonight we should go find a place that serves brisket. Now, I’m re-inspired and hey, it’s been almost 6 months, so I should be good.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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