Always A Mom

No matter what you do, no matter where you go, no matter why you are out and about – you are always a mom.

When we get together, it is the thing that unites us.

  • Our common ground.
  • The realities of life.
  • Our experience is your experience.
  • Been there. Done that…

and it still, even when they are

  • No longer toddlers
  • No longer in elementary school
  • Rounding into becoming a teen
  • Turning 16
  • 18 and graduating highschool
  • Moving on to college, work, getting married
  • Even, (some day, maybe) becoming  parents themselves

It is still the thing we want to talk about.

We enjoy it. We love them. We love being their mom (even when we don’t love what they did.) Parenting does cross boundaries. It is the same no matter what generation.  We want them to grow up, but then be the cute little kids who always looked up to us (literally and figuratively).  We want them to be independent, but still need us. We worry about them. We want the best for them. We hope that we did everything that we could to prepare them for what comes next.

You can try to leave it behind, for a few hours while they go to school, for a day while they are on their own… or, even just a quick night out with friends.  The reality is that you are always a mom, no matter what…and, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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