Enjoy The Game

Today, I had to run over to the bank. No big deal. Happens all the time. Except today, the teller was wearing the Superbowl champ’s jersey…which is a pretty big deal. I told her to “enjoy the game” and she lit up like a Christmas tree…

When she asked me if I was watching the game, which I thought was odd…my “maybe” was not what she expected.

It means that I, like the rest of the world have other plans. Or, not.

  • Go out and join the fray, or stay inside on your own.
  • Watch the Eagles play, or be looked at as complete aliens from another planet.
  • Make dinner or try to find a place to sit at any restaurant with a television tuned into the sports station in Philly (Philly).

So, when you have forgotten (tipping my hand a bit I guess) that the big game was on tonight, you have fewer dinner options…your game night choices are out with the crazy, raving (in a good way) fans – or make something clever, yet simple and quite delicious at home.

I do hope that the Philly fans get their due – that they do, enjoy the game – perhaps there is a win tonight, even late, into overtime, if needed. If not…it will be a sad day in Philly (Philly) on Friday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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