All The Little Things

When you think of all the little things it can be overwhelming.

The acts of kindness.

The good books people recommend.

The memes they share.

The smiles.

The “hey, how are you?” texts.

The laughter.

The toasts.

The lunches when you can meet up and just chill.

The small gifts dropped at your door.

The flowers that bloom – even if they are lawn weeds – they are pretty and make us smile.

The rides to the train station (or airport).

The check-ins.

The friendly Target checkout retail person who tells you to have a great day!

The little heart next to your name on the coffee cup for take out made by your favorite barista.

The invitations to join a small group and reconnect after months (or weeks or years) of not getting together.

Yes, all the little things are not even close to being little when they are all added up to one amazing life.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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