Acting As If…

Less about impersonating a Valley Girl…but, acting as if:

  • you don’t care;
  • it doesn’t matter;
  • you are not upset;
  • it won’t change what you think;
  • you are not involved;
  • it isn’t important;
  • you are not affected; or,
  • it isn’t something you have an opinion about (that is important enough to say something).

Acting as if none of it – nothing that is happening around you – has any relevance, bearing or impact is really powerful. Or, it is a problem. Power is one thing, but if not…you don’t have to pretend. There are always people who will agree with you, support you and care to help. Just say what you think. It really matters more than you think. The entire world is your stage…it matters how you use it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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