Things You Learn From Acting

It is so much more than pretending, there are actually things you learn from acting.

  • You can channel empathy.
  • You can convey sympathy.
  • You can emote joy or sadness or frustration … and not look angry, sad or happy doing so.
  • You can let go, harness prior emotions and cry.
  • You can become anyone you want to be if you study enough, practice enough and embrace the changes needed.

Things you learn from acting can take you places, college, a new career and more… Acting can be do convincing even, when written as such (in a screenplay), the falsities in a story seem so real and authentic that even (for example) the audience began to think that astronauts from Apollo 13 might not make it. If you want it enough, you can accomplish anything.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Or, leveraging your high school drama class to pretend as if you don’t have Asperger’s; so convincingly that your spouse (who is a counselor for children with learning disabilities) doesn’t even know you have Asperger’s.

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