Two Philosophies on Time

In respect to accomplishments, I believe that there are two philosophies on time management.

1) Cramming as much as possible into every single moment of the day…

I am not exactly sure that this is strictly a Type A personality character trait, or, whether or not it is a flaw or strength, BUT it works for me. Except when it doesn’t.

It means, running late, over promising, delivering (sometimes later than initially believed) but ultimately getting it done. It also means sleeplessness, stress, finding the right coping mechanisms and a ton of caffeine.

In today’s world, it also means a fully charged and ready to go phone – at all times – preferably with 4G, but WiFi will work in a pinch.

2) Leaving extra room for emergencies, unplanned overages on conference calls, meetings, or, say how long it takes for other people (such as my children) to do things (that they should be able to do without much delay or difficultly).

This means, leaving time on the table, long stretches of “not enough time to do quite a bit of anything” but then again, probably a lot less stress and being in control more than (I think) you need to be.

In case you were not understanding clearly where I fit in this, option 2 seems like a frivolous waste of time.

Who can possibly just sit there?

Waiting. Not reading, not catching up with friends, family or co-workers?

Just breathing.

While I know who I am and how I behave… I try to be open minded and patient. Unless, we are talking about Daylight Savings Time – which is looming out there with 4PM darkness pending – “like a big dead end”.

Yes. EST is on my mind already.

The reality is that in a few weeks, a certain, mountainous part of the country will not change their clocks and I am pretty sure, I’d rather stay on the time we are right now.

Sadly, Daylight Savings Time or not, in reality – time is fixed.

While some of us believe that there can be two philosophies on time it pretty much is an either or scenario and a balance of people who believe the other person is wrong. One cannot exist without the other, otherwise we would run out of coffee and we are already in for a wine shortage.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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