A Lot to Reflect Upon

This year, maybe more than other years, I have a lot to reflect upon – what went well, a lot – and what didn’t. Also, a lot.

I am not lingering over it. Tomorrow is another day.


Let’s just be optimistic, ok?

For most people, the year 2018 was just a blip on the radar of their life. Things happened. Work happened. Life happened.

But nothing major happened in their life.

For some, there were major events, milestone birthdays, graduations, first years at college, a new first job – in a real career, weddings, births of babies, sicknesses that were previously undetected, subsequently cured and…saying good-bye to significant loved ones.

For those people, 2018 was quite something – happy, sad, tiring, sometimes to the point of exhaustion.

In some way, for everyone, there are so many emotions crossing the threshold of their minds, bursting from their lips uncontrolled and impacting their lives.

Still, 2019 will be another year in the life for many – hopefully more than most of the ones you know. For you, especially for you, in a year’s time, you will have a lot to reflect upon in your life – good or bad – it is our life to live. Make the most of it and try to smile, even through the tears…I find that it helps. Even when things are seemingly at their worst – there is always something that will make you laugh. Be a bit irreverent and go for it. You have nothing to lose and so much more life to gain.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Happy New Year – and welcome to 2019

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