Reflections Are One Thing

Reflections are one thing, resolutions are completely another thing. I think I would probably refer revolution to resolving something…because, it usually has to be something big.

I am not saying that revolution isn’t big…as in BIG – it is. Very, but changing your life just because of a simple calendar flip is also pretty enormous.

The traditions and the way we live our lives is often dictated by the things that we can’t control.

Tomorrow will come whether we want it to come or not…and in just over another 24 hours, 2019 will be here whether we are ready or not.

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, simply because it doesn’t make sense to wait an entire year to change something important enough that your life will be better if you do it.

Why not just do it today?

Then, again, it is perfectly normal to reflect and to do it regularly.

Reflections are one thing you can do every day of your life and use them to change, ever so slightly for the better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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