Holiday Merriment Comes To a Close

Just as all of the holiday merriment comes to a close, the beginning of the New Year means going back to work and back to school.

Just when we were getting into a groove…it has to end.

  • Sleeping late.
  • Eating cookies every day (who am I kidding, that happens every day, whether you go to school and eat in the cafeteria or visit Panera Bread on a regular basis.)
  • Visiting family.
  • Spending time on personal hobbies.
  • Long conversations with friends.
  • Shopping and eating and shopping some more.
  • Extra dishes and extra laundry.
  • Fun new clothes, shoes and games.

Luckily for us, while the holiday merriment comes to a close, it is just for a bit. We still have upcoming opportunities to celebrate again. New holidays, leftovers from this one – with the people we couldn’t see in the last 4 to 6 weeks, new babies, anniversaries and birthdays, too. Happy 2019 everyone…it is time to start a new chapter while we say good-bye to 2018.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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