A Little Inspiration

All you may need is a little inspiration to get your ideas going.

  • A taste of this delicious taco from the new place down the street.
  • Seeing a chair in person with the end table you thought you might use in your office.
  • Visiting a chiropractor’s exhibit at Welcome Day on Sycamore Street and being given a free assessment visit.
  • Or, maybe something else entirely…

Next, you’ll be making tacos for dinner, ordering that chair in your preferred upholstery, scheduling a visit to the chiropractor and…

Maybe even more than that. Since you have enjoyed a few days off, divergent from your normal routine; tomorrow will be a great day to start something new.  Perhaps it is a special spring dish for Mother’s Day,  a new graphic design, or even a commitment to take care of yourself and rid those allergies once and for all. All you needed was a little inspiration and this weekend was the perfect time to find it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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