A Little Bit Closer

Every little thing we do moves us a little bit closer, hopefully, to being happy. Happier.

This glass (ok, cup) is more than half full. No. I did not calculate the volume. You just have to trust me on this.

This could mean that you need to drink more water, or that you have just started your second glass.

Each action. Each move. Each learning.

One more step at being better than you were the day before.

As we mature, we focus on different things. One small accomplishment might be something we have worked (so far) our entire life to be able to do.

Maybe we didn’t focus on it until now, or, maybe we have been trying – ever since a friend in 3rd grade challenged you to do it – but no matter what the case.

You did it.

If one little thing, moves you a little bit closer to your loved ones, accomplishing your life’s ambitions, your zen, your happy place, then it is a thing to celebrate. Happy Day. Happier Day. (Now, go do it again.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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