There is No Right Answer

In many ways, in most aspects of your life, there is no right answer.

There are nuances of decisions that can be made – but in the end, they will impact you, and maybe those around you, but mostly you. So, you have to decide.

I am not talking about the grey areas of right and wrong.

I am talking about the decisions you make throughout your life that take you on one path or another. You will never know what could have been, or what would have happened.

Some more impactful than others, but still…a one decision after another and you never know…

  • Should I go to college or get a job and then, go back to study what I really want to learn?
  • Should I take up yoga, running or biking?
  • Should I date this person, or another – or no one at all?
  • Should I take this job that is near home or the one that will move me 5 states away?
  • Should I read this book or watch a show on television (what’s that?)
  • Should I take the train or drive to work?

Now…your decisions, well, they are yours to make. But, what about when someone you know is at a crossroads. Should you help them find their way, or let them make it on their own…there is no right answer – but you have to make a choice, either way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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