Lost the Art

In our technological advances we have all but lost the art of craftsmanship.

I was reminded today – hearing the woman describe the feeling of the wood, beneath the tools, at her hands – of childhood.

As we move further away from things we forget.

  • The way the road dips and swells ever so slightly under your bike as you ride through your neighborhood.
  • The feeling of accomplishment with the last stitch of the dress you made – no, not the one for Halloween, that retro black swing dress – and then wore until it went completely out of style (again.)
  • Homemade cake and bread – shifting the flour, carefully measuring the specific ingredients – it tastes so much better. (The kids even agree.)
  • Knitting a sweater, one that is just the perfect color to go with anything, especially a breezy, spring-like day.

The things we learned how to do, we may have long since forgotten. It sadly may be at the point that we can’t even teach the next generation.

We may have lost the art as a general rule, but there is still a great appreciation of the effort.  We love the result, the ability to touch and feel and taste the richness of it all. If anything, at the very least, we need to continue to teach them how to look at things with a new eye, seeing the individualism in each item – not mass produced, manufactured or printed. Then, there will still be art and people will still pick up the tools to make something, by hand – even if to satisfy their own self. As a bonus, those around them will be able to enjoy it, too. Keep doing what you do, sharing and teaching – we will see you.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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